Are you a manufacturer looking for a sales representative?

 May, 04 - 2017   Business

If you have answered in the affirmative to this important question then fortune will be smiling upon you from now on. This may also be because in the past the reps that came and went through your office door left little to be desired in regard to making effective inroads towards replenishing your inventory of manufactured goods. Previously, your business may have been hurt as a result of ineffectiveness and tardiness.

Also, the commissions that these self-proclaimed salesmen demanded did not do justice to their alleged skills and experience. You lost money and business as a result. Now, the tide has turned in your favor because this time and into the future you will be well represented. You will be joining a growing group of manufacturers looking for reps at different stages of their business evolution. On first contact, these reps may sell themselves short.

At least that may be the impression you get, because these men (and women) will not be loud mouthing previous sales records just to show you how good they are. What will happen first and foremost will be the following. Once a trial or full-time contract has been agreed to, your sales representative will not yet be heading onto the highway to aggressively market your manufactured goods to all and sundry. No, what happens first is this.

Your new sales rep will spend an extensive amount of time researching the entire evolution of your company’s design and manufacture process. He will be looking at what purposes these products are designed for. Finally, he will not sell one item from your inventory until such time that he is fully satisfied that he understands and knows your products like it was the back of his hand.

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